Dressage training

Dressage trainingAislinn Dressage Inc. is a premier dressage facility committed to giving the highest quality of individual care to all our equine guests and the best instruction for our riders.

Our training sessions are conducted by Leah Wilkins. Leah has been riding since the young age of 9 and trained under some of the most prestigious dressage trainers in the world. She has been honoured to represent Canada at some of the affluent competitions worldwide and proven her abilities by coming home with top medals and ribbons for her efforts. Click here to learn more about Leah's accomplishments.

Leah still competes in these high level competitions and is now passing on her skills and talents by training other up-and-coming dressage riders to also enjoy great success in the show ring.


Leah offers dressage coaching and training at Aislinn for all levels of riders and horses who board at the facility. Leah's training and coaching philosophy is a mix of the many people she has trained over the years as well as her schooling in psychology. She stresses the importance of training the horse as an athlete and encouraging them to work gymnastically through their bodies.

Training sessions for individuals run for approximately 45 minutes and are offered to not only help the rider with their skills, but also to help improve the performance of the horse. Training programs are either on a full or part-time basis but we encourage full-time as it not only beneficial to the horse and rider's performance but also more cost effective.

Our clients come to train with Leah and for the exceptional individualized care we offer. As we are a family run business, we treat each horse as our own. We live on the property and spend a great deal of time in the stables. We aren't just 9 to 5... we will be available whenever you need us to meet with your vet, etc., because we take pride in giving each horse the utmost attention and care. Each horse has an individual program with individual turnout and full care such as blankets & boots. We also offer full laundry service for our boarders.

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Other services

Flatwork Lessons:

Dressage is all about flatwork and flatwork is extremely important to all horses, especially jumper horses. Leah now offers flatwork training for jumpers. If your horse has been a jumper for some time, these individual lessons with Leah will help with balance and precision to get to the jumps and after. She also trains young jumpers during the early stages of their jumping careers which produces winners in the jumper ring. Jumper Flatwork Training is available to boarders or ship-in clients.

In-House leasing program

Our newest service is to offer an in-house leasing program with grand prix and prix St. George schoolmasters. This service includes lessons/training with Leah and an opportunity to compete on the horses.

For more information, please contact Leah